Monsters in Lockdown

Recent prints produced in response to the current pandemic, shows how a range of monsters past and present, spent their period of lockdown. Household chores, gardening and home schooling, activities and behaviour only too familiar to us, fill their time as they are forced to social distance and stay at home! The series employs a […]

Bridestones Revisited.

Artist Maria Murtagh has been busy creating a whole series of collograph prints based on the Bridestones rock formations outside Todmorden. Maria from Todmorden has been using a whole host of materials for her plates . Plywood, mount board and aluminium have been employed together with carborundum, gesso, PVA, wallpaper and adhesive tapes to create […]

Sugar lift sessions.

A select group of printers at Prospect Studio spent a day working on the process of sugar lift. The method whereby varying tonal areas are created by opening up a pre-aquatinted plate with the use of hot water, was employed by Picasso, Roualt and more recently William Kentridge. Some excellent prints were produced by Carolyn […]

Cool collographs.

Members of Prospect print group produced some excellent collographs , using a wide variety of media. Plywood, aluminium, mount board, and old 45 inch singles were used as plates with a host of material used to construct their plates. Carborundum, tape, gesso, wallpaper, emulsion, and found objects were employed to open up a varied visual […]

Landscape Abstraction.

For the final session of the Handmade art group run in conjunction with The Whitworth, artists looked at the work of Roger Hilton and Kandinsky. Personal photographs were used to base their abstract pieces on, using acrylics and watercolour. Short videos were used to show how forms and shapes in landscape can be broken up […]

Festive prints.

Members of the Handmade Art Group at the Whitworth , produced their own original Christmas Cards with artist Alan Birch. The zoom sessions featured short videos and instructions, followed avidly by artists at home. Some excellent works were produced as usual.

The return of Print.

Printers have returned in restricted numbers to Prospect, following stringent restrictions. Collograph , etching and relief prints have flown off the press as artists print their editions. Good to see them back!

Homemade Handmade with the Whitworth.

More printmaking sessions took place over Zoom with over 10 artists producing lino prints and texture prints. The quality of the work was as usual; exceptional.

Good to be back!

Year 7 pupils from Bedford High School produced some amazing tonal engravings to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Turnpike. It was a great feeling to be back in the classroom.

Polyprinting with Handmade with the Whitworth

For the second Handmade session with the Whitworth, artists worked at home with poly print to produce expressive prints. Once again brilliant work by all.

Handmade on Zoom

its great to be back working with members of the Handmade group in conjunction with The Whitworth. The sessions delivered through Zoom, have shown how creative and resourceful artists can be. Excellent mono prints! Looking forward to returning to the gallery. Thanks to Claire for organising session.

20-20 Print exchange

15 members of Prospect Studios have taken part in the annual print exchange organised by Hot Bed Press in Manchester. Each artists produces an edition of prints on paper 20cm square which are sent to the Manchester studio and in return receive a box of 20 prints from around the world. This is the 12th […]

Back to print

Sunday classes in August, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd August. Classes are up and running at Prospect Studio with limited numbers and restrictive safety measures in place. I am also planning drawing sessions and a collograph weekend in August. For more information see the workshop section on website.

Lockdown Saints.

Alan Birch has been working on a topical series of saints during the Pandemic. Inspired by Catholic media saints often seen in churches, the saints reflect recent global events. The massive effect on peoples behaviour, health and has a been used to create these saints. The saints started with St Coronus and document the developments […]

Saint Coronus as Saviour!

With the world under lockdown and  facing an uncertain future, I have been requested to resurrect the Later-Day Saint series to reflect current issues. Saint Coronus has materialised in print and gives us hope whilst illustrating through symbols, the concerns and priorities of society. Never  before have toilet rolls, pasta, Dolmio, and hand sanitiser occupied […]