Whitaker show.

The opening of Prospect Printmakers was a high success with over 150 people attending the show on a sunny day. The exhibition received a great response with several visitors buying work. The show is on until mid June and Alan Birch will be running a printmaking taster in May. For more details contact the gallery […]

High School Prints

Year 8 pupils from Fred Longworth High School in Tydesley produced some excellent lino cuts in response to the etchings of Dave Pearson. Pupils looked at Daves work and also looked at various figures from folk festivals to base their work on. Their commitment and enthusiasm was to be commended and their prints will be […]

Bury Art Society

Members of Bury Art Society were introduced to the prints of Alan Birch and then were encouraged to try the drypoint printing technique for themselves. Artists used metallic card to engrave with nails and used sandpaper, cotton buds to create different effects. It was great to see many members try the technique and some excellent […]

Baby Shower prints

Family members and friends joined artist Alan Birch to produce prints at The Whitworth in Manchester.  This is the first time Alan has ever run a session for a social event, and the prints were excellent. Family and friends were able to take two relief prints from their plates, giving one as a present. Congratulations […]

Pennine Prints.

The show by 20 prints by printmakers  from Prospect Studios has now opened. The show runs until  June and features a range of printing techniques from collograph to etchings on the theme of the Pennines. All work is for sale and Liam Spencer is showing his work in the main gallery.  


20 members of Prospect Studios will be showing their work at The Whitaker from the 21st of April. The exhibition will run in conjunction with the exhibition by Liam Spencer ” Home and Away. “. The period of April and May will see Prospect Studios dominating the museum and Alan Birch will give a print […]

Gelli Printing

Artist Karen Vine gave a short demonstration of gelli printing to a small group of Prospect printmakers during March. This was the first time many artists  had experimented with the technique. It is a technique which uses acrylic paint and can incorporate stencils etc. It is a painterly technique which needs no press so can […]

New Prospect Prints.

Artists have been busy at Prospect Studios producing prints for the forthcoming exhibition at the Whitaker in April. Besides working on the theme of The Pennines, artists have been extending their work and experimenting. Newcomers to the class have enjoyed getting their hands dirty and producing some brilliant prints!

First time printers.

Year 9 pupils from Loreto High School were introduced to the work of Alan Birch, prior to embarking on a lengthy session of printmaking, linked to their  GCSE coursework. Pupils were encouraged to experiment with a range of techniques linked to themes in their work. Their attitude was exemplary and many really grabbed the opportunity […]

Exam Preparation

Pupils from Bishop Thomas Holford School in Altrincham spent a day with printmaker Alan Birch working on a body of prints linked to their GCSE coursework. Using themes of natural forms and food, pupils explored collographs, engravings, chine colle and relief prints, printing with Alan’s portable press and water-based inks. Some pupils completed over 10 […]

Enchanted Woodland.

Year 1 pupils from Greenacres Primary School in Oldham, visited The Whitworth before their Easter break, to look at the collection and explore printmaking for the first time. As part of their topic ” Enchanted Woodland ” they looked at the watercolours and prints in the Cozens and Cozens exhibition. Later the pupils used patterned […]

Age Friendly Printing.

Members of the Age Friendly Art Group at the Whitworth spent two creative afternoons with artist Alan Birch making chine colle engravings and monoprints. The photographic exhibition by John Stezaker,  inspired the  surreal engravings whilst paintings and drawings by Cecily Brown formed the starting point for the monoprints. For the monoprints artists used masterworks from […]

Christie prints.

Prospect printmaker Carolyn Murphy has just completed her large print for the CRHritie hospital I’m Manchester. The prototype for the print was completed at Prospect Studio, with Carolyn refining any obstacles which would occur during the cutting and printing process,.Hot Bed Press provided facilities for the printing of the large print. Congratulations!

Prospect Print News

Printmakers have been busy at Prospect Studio getting prints ready for the forthcoming show at The Whittaker in April. Printmakers will show their work at the venue to coincide with an exhibition by Liam Spencer. The artists are working on the theme of The Pennines. Below is a print by Peter Cave, more will follow […]

John Stezaker Prints

Year 7 boys from Sandbach High School  spent the day at the Whitworth working with Printmaker Alan Birch. They produced some excellent drawings based on the surreal work of John Stezaker. These drawing were later transformed into engravings and enhanced with the addition of collage. The chosen  collages helped to heighten the sense of the surreal. […]