Exploring print

Small groups of pupils at Leyland Methodist Primary in Preston, worked with artist Alan Birch producing a range of prints. Pupils explored mono printing, relief printing and engraving producing small collections of prints. Hopefully Alan , working in conjunction with The Turnpike in Leigh, will revisit the school in the summer.

The Art of Invention.

Year 3 pupils from St Peters Primary School in Accrington spent a day printing with artist Alan Birch. Pupils based their drawings on the theme of inventions, a subject they have been studying in class. Alan talked about the invention of printing, demonstrating the printing of text and woodcuts, before the pupils produced excellent drawings […]

Cardinal Newman prints.

Students from Cardinal Newman College produced some excellent prints working with artists Alan Birch. Using a portable press brought in by Alan, students produced a wonderful collection of drypoints on perspex, in some cases using collage to enhance their images. Once the plates are engraved students can use the plates to create a unique body of […]

Exploring Goya

international students from Manchester University spent an afternoon working with artist Alan Birch at the Whitworth in Manchester. Artists drew from the works of Goya, before using these drawings to engrave on card plates in the learning studio. Artists engraved their prints and then printed them using water based etching ink and a portable etching […]

Bury prints

As part of the exhibition ” Print-A catalyst for social change ” Printers from Prospect Studio ran a successful programme of workshops covering a wide range of printmaking techniques. Alan Birch showed artists the potential of intaglio and lino cutting whilst other artists looked into monoprinting , gelli printing and relief printing. Prospect printmakers will […]

Year 2 Arctic prints.

Year 2 pupils from St Ketigerns Primary School in Manchester spent a day at the Whitworth in Manchester working with artist Alan Birch. Pupils had been working on the theme of the Arctic and used their knowledge to produce a range of relief prints, inspired by the blues and colours found in the work of […]

Handmade at The Whitworth 2

Members of the Hand Made art group of the Whitworth spent 5 weeks working with printmaker Alan Birch . Using the current exhibitions for inspiration, artists worked on a variety of techniques ranging from collograph and relief prints to lino cuts, engravings and chine college prints. Artists responded to the work of Hogarth producing their […]

New prints at Prospect

Printers have been busy at Prospect Studios, producing new work for exhibitions. Etchings, aquatints and Relief prints have been created as Artists prepare for their show ay Longitude Gallery in Clitheroe. New members have been printing in a series of workshops held during the week.

Young Prospect Printers.

As part of the Open audio in 2018, Alan Birch invited children into the studio to  try their hand at printmaking. The children worked with their parents and produced some excellent work, Bright colour and vivid, they and their parents loved the work. No doubt it is now on the wall at home! Future sessions […]

Touchstones Madness.

A crazy afternoon was spent at Touchstones, Rochdale over half term . Various activities took place including printing, slime making and storytelling which pre-emptied the arrival of Halloween. Unbelievably 0ver 500 people came into the gallery. It was a crazily productive session. Over 140 prints were made by children and parents. A success for the […]

William Hulme Print!

Year 10 pupils from William Hulme Grammar School spent the day printing with artist Alan Birch. Alan took his portable press, water based inks and all materials into school and pupils were able to create engravings, relief prints and collage prints. Some excellent prints were produced and these will be used to enhance GCSE coursework. […]

20 20 prints

Members of Prospect Studio took part in the annual 2020 print exchange organised by Hot Bed Press in Manchester. 10 artists produced editions of  25 prints on paper 2o cm x 20 cm. These prints ranging from lino cuts to etchings and drypoints  will be sent around the world. In exchange participants will each receive […]

Inspired by Goya.

Year 9 pupils from Chorton High School South spent the day at the Whitworth looking at the etchings and aquatints of Goya. They were amazed by the creativity and imagination in the work, and based their sketches on his work. Their drawings were used to produce drypoint engravings, which were inked and printed by the […]

Third Age Printers

Members of the University of the Third Age from the North west visited the Whitworth during October, to view the collections,  be given a behind the scenes tour and try their hand at printmaking. Using the outstanding work of William Kentridge as a starting point, members produced drawings which were transformed into engravings and printed. […]

Night in the museum.

International students newly arrived in Manchester were welcomed into  Manchester Museum to discover the collections, meet fellow students and try their hand at printing. Students were given small drypoint plates and made engravings based on objects in the museum. For many this was their first attempt at printing, and others re-acquainted themselves with the technique. […]